Blogmas Day 15 – Last Minute Gifts for Anyone

This post is for those that wait until a few days before Christmas to go shopping and you know who you are. Thankfully with Amazon primes 2-day shipping you can procrastinate longer than you usually do.

So for those of you that still haven’t hit the stores or internet for your Christmas gift to Aunt Karen, the one with 3 cats, this list is for you. I tried to find gifts that would be good for almost anyone in your life.

The Tool Man (No Not Tim)

Universal Socket Grip $19.99

A Great tool for anyone in your life that likes to work on cars or build stuff…

The Coffee Lover

Bean Box $28.00

The bean box is a gourmet coffee sampler in several different roast types. They might need a coffee grinder for this one though.

The Gardener

Indoor Herb Garden Starter $24.00

Fresh herbs for the one that likes to garden. This could also work for the foodie in your life. Cooking with fresh herbs makes a big difference in flavor.

The Artist

Sargent Art Kit $23.99

So this is more for the child artist but anyone who draws or colors would love something like this.

The Candy Lover

Full Size Candy Gift Box $14.99

Sean would LOVE this one. Anyone would love this one to be honest unless they are diabetic or doing keto…

The Tech Savvy

Ravpower Portable Charger $16.99

Everyone nowadays needs a little extra power for your phones, laptops, or tablets.

The Homemaker

Now Designs Bowl Set $14.95

I called this ones the homemaker gift because that is what I am and I want them lol. These are perfect for someone who loves little serving or prepping bowls.

The Writer or Deep Thinker

Ruled Leather Journal $12.97

I have a few of these small journals around the house. I use them to write down quick ideas for the blog or my books or just anything.

The Pet Parent

Drinkwell Water Fountain $29.95

A great gift for someone with cats or dogs. This pet water fountain cycles the water so it wont go stale and holds 100 ounces.

I hope this little list of last minute gifts gives you some good ideas on what to get some of the people you still haven’t shopped for yet.

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