Blogmas Day 14 – Edible Christmas Gifts

Every year I make edible gifts for Sean’s work Christmas party. I have made cookies, cupcakes, and mini quick bread loaves in past years. Compared to the last few years, this year was by far the easiest and least time consuming of all of them.

This year I did chocolate bark in a few different flavors and some chocolate covered pretzels. I already have plans for next years gift and I am in envy of how easy this years were compared to what I am doing next year.

Like I said this year was the easiest. Bark is basically melted chocolate you harden into a sheet with more melted chocolate and candy pieces on top. I would say the hardest one was the gingerbread bark that had a cookie base.

Peppermint Bark

I would consider this to be the classic chocolate bark that we all know from Christmas time. A layer of chocolate, peppermint flavored white chocolate and crushed up candy cane is the classic everyone loves.

Orange Creamsicle Bark

This isn’t really what I would think of when I’m trying to find bark to make for Christmas but it is good. Why not bring a nice light flavor to the table when most Christmas flavors are on he heavier side.

Gingerbread Cookie Bark

I have to say this was the hardest to make out of the easiest edible Christmas party gifts.

Getting the cookie just right, yes a packaged cookie mix, was hard. Making sure it was the same thickness and cooked enough to be hard but not burnt or too hard or too soft! See what I mean.

Even with all that, it is amazing!

Chocolate Covers Pretzels

So the picture and recipe doesn’t really represent what I did but it is the closest I have found. My families chocolate covered pretzels aren’t individually done like these, rather they are thrown into a bowl with some mixed nuts and the chocolate poured over. If you like it to look better then I suggest following this recipe.

Christmas Packages

No gift is complete with out the packaging. Every year is different when it comes to the packaging I put everything in and this year I wanted something cute that could be easily carried. I looked for about a week before I found the ones I ended up with.

These supper cute folding boxes come in a pack of 32, yes I filled all of them, and have four different scenes on them. They are only $17.00 on amazon and are much cheaper than anything I found on bulk packaging websites.

You defiantly wont want to miss next years gift!

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