Blogmas Day 13 – My Top 5 Christmas Movies vs. Americas

Hello friends happy nightmare before Christmas or as some of you may call it happy Friday the 13th. Today I decided what is the best way to spend a spooky holiday day such as this? MOVIE DAY!!!!! But, what movie should I watch? Well if you are in the same predicament I am in then let me help you. I decided to supply a list of my favorite movies but also did a poll about what Americas favorite Christmas movies are and let me tell you some of them were shocking. So go get a cup of cocoa curl up under a nice blanket and lets read about some movies so we will all be prepared when we fire up our tv.

I’m going to start out with Americas top 5 favorite Christmas movies and a little bit of background on why they were voted there. Now obviously its almost impossible to get everyone in America to vote but I feel I’ve gotten a fairly decent sized demographic and a nice result. SO cold on to your candy canes kids cause here we go!!!

Americas Top 5 Christmas movies

  • 5. Home Alone. This classic movie takes place during Christmas and the overall comment was it is just funny and makes people feeling on the holiday stress feel better. I mean at least we have never left our kid home alone to go on vacation.
  • 4. White Christmas. This movie is a wonderful classic that most people told me just brought back a warm sense of nostalgia and gave them the warm fuzzies.
  • 3. A Christmas Story. Now I have never seen this movie but I know it and it seems to me that it made this list simply because its relate able quotable and funny.
  • 2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I personally love this movie as well but according to the poll its number 2 spot is held on to because its funny and it makes people feel better about their dysfunctional family and traditions during the holidays.
  • 1. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE… This movie is a classic and has reigned supreme for many years and it deserves it. This movie has a way of reminding people of the importance of life and what Christmas really means.
  • Honorable mention goes out to Die Hard as it was submitted several times and I recognize that while it is not a tradition Christmas movie a lot of people seem to have the tradition of watching it on Christmas.

Now for my list. I would like to say this is just my personal favorites and I know some of these are newer movies but I watch them every year during the holidays.

  • 5. Christmas Shoes. I was obsessed with this song as a little girl and to this day still cry when I hear it. This movie for me highlights the Christmas season. Give to others and just be kind because you don’t know what is happening and what someone’s story is.
  • 4. Christmas at Pemberly Manor. While this is a newer movie and follows the same path 99% of Hallmark Christmas movies follow I love it. Maybe it’s because it feels normal and like it could actually happen, maybe it’s because its slightly Pride and Prejudice like I’m not sure but I know I bought it on DVD so I can watch it like 10 times during the season.
  • 3.National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I love this movie. It’s funny and sadly reminds me of my family. It holds a special place for me because of my grandparents. We watched it every year because it was my Grandmas favorite and now we carry the same tradition.
  • 2. The Christmas Card. Once again Hallmark just wins Christmas. This movie has always been one of my favorites. Maybe because it seems like fate intervened, maybe its because she was just trying to be nice to a soldier I don’t know but this movie is great and I watch it without fail every year.
  • 1. THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! This movie is not just a Christmas movie to me it is my favorite movie of all time. I can monologue this movie and tell you extra facts about it I just love it. It shows that it pays just to be yourself and that only Santa can do the job of Christmas.
  • Honorable mention goes to any Hallmark Christmas movie because I watch all of them and they are wonderful.

Well now that we have 9 different movies (11+ if you count the honorable mentions) what+ do you say we go enjoy our Friday the 13th, our Nightmare before Christmas, our lovely movie day. Please have fun and I hope you found some good things to watch. As always I hope everyone enjoys this and Much love and Merry Christmas love Bennita’s house

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