Blogmas Day 11 – Christmas Tree Day

A very important part of Christmas for most is the Christmas tree and in my family that means upholding the tradition of cutting down a real one.

One of my favorite memories with my Grandpa was going to the tree farm and getting to yell ‘TIMBER’ as he cut it down. Of course I was young and thought the trees were so big that they could squish something if I didn’t. As my grandparents got older the tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree with them dwindled but it has continued with my parents, Sean and I, and my younger brother.

This year it was a little hard for us to find a tree we really liked though because of some weather and growing season issues here in Washington. Sean and I love Noble Christmas trees and this year almost all of the farms in our area had a shortage of them. Ultimately what it came down to was that there wasn’t enough grows through the last few seasons to sustain the demand for Nobles.

In the end we had to go with a pre cut Noble with light flocking on it. Over all it doesn’t look as bad as I imagined it would because I’m not truly a fan of flocking. However, it was the only Noble over the 5 foot mark that was nice and full at the 3rd place we went to!

I really hope my family keeps this tradition alive for many years to come because sipping hot cocoa and searching for a real tree are memories that will stay with you for a long time.

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