Blogmas Day 9 – Plus Size Holiday Outfits

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As someone who is plus size and still working on my weight it can be hard to find a holiday outfit that really works for you. With the increase in companies offering plus size options it has become a little easier in the last few years.

Even with this it is still hard to judge what you find online because even the biggest brands still use the smallest models. On Torrids’ website the models are always a size 1 or 18 which still doesn’t give a real representation of those of use who are a size 3/4 or 22/24.

So, today I would like to show you two outfits that I think will do the trick for a fabulous plus size holiday outfit. I have a few of these items or items that are simalar to them and feel that they would look good on others my size and sizes above or below mine. (I am a size size 3/4 or 22/24 for reference.)

Outfit One

I actually own two of these dresses in different patterns, this red one and a blue one with flowers. I really love how the dress gives you a vintage look that you can dress up with heels and vintage looking (or real if you have them) pearls. I picked two shoe options mostly because I can’t wear heels and wedges are the easiest way for me to still get the look of the heel without the pain.

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Outfit Two

Outfit number two in on the more expensive side because it is all from Torrid. I really love the sweater dress material they use and their clothing is usually very fashionable. I remember in high school when Torrid first opened and was this weird plus size Hot Topic (think.. rocker dominatrix). However, they have evolved into a brand that provides very wearable and trendy clothing for plus size. This outfit is the one that is worn by the model in the advertisement and I think it would work on those of use who are in bigger sizes. I have a sweater dress from Torrid that has a very similar cut and works well with the apple body shape.

Shop The Look

I really hope this helps you find your holiday outfit and gives you some ideas this holiday season.

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