Blogmas Day 7 – Bennita’s Favorite Christmas Songs

Merry merry Christmas lovely people. So today Lets talk about our favorite Christmas songs. I love Christmas music to an extent. Some of the music is just terrible and some of the music just puts me straight to sleep. Don’t get me wrong some of the music that puts me to sleep is lovely its just slow and sounds like a lullaby to me. So i figured today I would share what my absolute favorite Christmas songs are and a little bit of the reason behind why.

Bennita’s favorite Christmas music

  • Carol of the bells. I love the instrumental version and I am not sure where the love of this song came from but I know that anyone but the Trans Siberian Orchestra puts me straight to bed in a good way.
  • Mary did you know- Penatonix. I love the simplicity of this song. Despite it being a newer song it just has the old school Christmas feel that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Last Christmas-WHAM!. I only like the WHAM version because I love love love George Michael. Plus it’s a classic that sounds cheery but is really about heartbreak and restarting.
  • Silent Night-Michael Buble. The rich smooth texture of this tradition song just makes me feel at peace. With the addition of the children’s choir its just beautiful.
  • Baby it’s cold outside. I love this song. It is a throw back to time where things were simple and its cute and flirty.
  • Run Run Rudolph-Chuck Berry. This song is just fun and its been my favorite since I was a little girl.
  • Santa Baby-Marilyn Monroe. I know it may seem cliche but I have always admired Marilyn Monroe and although Santa baby seems materialist and it is I love the pure sexiness that she just oozes.
  • Do you hear what I hear-Bing Crosby. I love this song simply because it just feels so deeply like Christmas.
  • The Redneck 12 days of Christmas-Jeff Foxxworthy. I just think this song is hilarious and seems to me like certain people in my family.

Well I hope this list gave you a few songs to go and listen to and just enjoy the warmth and glow that Christmas brings around the world. Happy Blogmas Day 7 and I will see you guys again soon

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