Blogmas Day 6 – My Christmas List

My Ideal Christmas Tree

With the Christmas season officially started we now start the season of gift buying, sending cards, and figuring out what gifts we want. Now out of that small list of things let me tell you the hardest part for me is figuring out what to tell people that I want. Most people in my family will tell you that out of everyone I am one of the hardest people to shop for. I get so wrapped up in figuring out what I am going to buy everyone else, and hand making my Christmas cards, and doing everything else that when I am asked “Hey Bennita what do you want for Christmas?” I totally blank out.

I don’t know why I mean it’s not just Christmas is’s every gift giving holiday but ya’ll catch my drift. So this year I actually decided to sit down and have a talk with myself (Yes I talk to myself sometimes everyone should because sometimes you need an expert opinion) and write up a list of actual realistic things I want for Christmas. Feel free to steal from this list as I know other people have such a hard time deciding as well. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.


  • A Barnes and Noble gift card because I love love love books
  • Coffee stuff like different coffee makers and cups and such
  • Makeup organizers. I don’t own a lot of makeup but I would like it to look cleaner
  • Warm items like blankets and fuzzy socks and slippers and hoodies and sweaters because I am always always always cold. I don’t retain heat.
  • A clean room lol
  • More Shelves for all mine and hubby’s collectibles
  • Nude Liquid Lipsticks like brownie type nudes
  • Anything and I do mean anything from the Shane DawsonxJstar collection
  • Most importantly I just want a peaceful Christmas. This year is our off year so my baby will be with her mom so it always feels a little weird so I just want a relaxing day…

So I know I am probably not the most exciting person when it comes to Christmas list but I do have to say this is me being realistic if we are talking fantasy I would like a few million dollars, a brand new car, maybe a pair of Louis, and a few other dream things but ya know that’s a little out of my reach. I hope you guys are having a wonderful Holiday season and that my little list either helped you tell someone what you wanted or at least inspired you to sit down and figure out what you want to make it a little easier on those you love.

Love Bennita’s house!

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