Blogmas Day 2 – Secret Santa Printable

Last month I shared the Secret Santa Printable I made for my family’s Secret Santa. Today I wanted to share it again because, well, I can.

Like I said in my other post I really wanted to add some traditions to our families but I didn’t really do into why. As I have gotten older I am becoming more and more aware of how many tradition have gone by the way side in most house holds. As time has ticked on it has also changed, and it hasn’t always changed for the better. Families don’t do as much together anymore, we are all busy and are always on the go.

Family traditions, even ones that aren’t around Christmas, have started to disappear. Even though this is just a simple Secret Santa Printable, I want you to think about all the traditions of the past that have just gone away. Make some new ones and enjoy your time together.

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