New Year New… House?

Okay. Not really a new house because well… that’s expensive. However as New Years Eve approaches I am thinking about the things I wanted to do in 2019 that I didn’t get to. I don’t mean traveling or something extraordinary but just some everyday stuff that I wanted iron out in my life.

This first one is cleaning and I know you might be confused but most of the time I’m not really that organized when it comes to my day to day life. Cleaning, dishes, laundry and so on. In fact I still have a load of laundry in the dryer that has been there since Sunday (4 days).

So what am I getting at? In the beginning of 2019 I made the resolution to become better at many things, including my everyday “house wife” life, but as the year went on and life moved forward I never really got to everything.

The biggest part of this is taking care of our house and cleaning. I am a messy person but that doesn’t really work for everyone and I am the kind of person that needs a list to check off.

At the beginning of the year I searched for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning lists to get me started. I will eventually end up taking apart these lists and creating my own but here are a great jumping off point for anyone looking to organize themselves just a little more.

Mom4Real printable cleaning checklists.

I Should Be Mopping The Floor – daily and weekly Printable

Squirrelly Minds – printable cleaning schedule

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