Head, Shoulders and Turkey Toes!

One way to do a fun “Turkey Toes” Decoration.

HO HO HO… Oh wait wrong holiday. I know this time of year all the holidays seem to blend together and everything seems to morph into one big ball of stress and kids get pushed to the side so you have time to cook, clean, and gift shop for the kids. So this week I decided to suggest some fun ways to bring our kids in on the holidays a little bit and also decorate your house for a fun holiday that celebrates all things food that often gets overlooked…. THANKSGIVING!

Now I know what your thinking “Bennita that seems like a big mess and more work on me and who even decorates that much for thanksgiving?” The answer is I do and even if you don’t these cute little crafts are great gifts for family or close friends. So without further adieu lets go over what you need for this cute turkey and how to get it done.


  • Autumn colored acrylic paint. (Yellow, red, orange, copper)
  • Card stock or canvas (I suggest bigger pieces if your little is over the age of 2)
  • Brown or black sharpie marker
  • Brown craft paper or burlap (I used construction paper buy have done it with burlap)
  • Googlie eyes
  • Red and orange paper
  • Hot glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Baby wipes or wet wash cloth
  • Scissors

So in true kid craft fashion make sure that you are supervising because its paint and make sure you hot glue the items down. Sticky glue dots or double sided tape can be substituted but I’ve had varying results with the tape and glue dots on the canvas and on burlap. so now we make.


  • Gather all supplies listed above into one space
  • put paint on any surface that keeps them from running.
  • Show your little one how to carefully cut our the turkey body and a beak, legs and gobbler. (if your little one is really small then you can do it)
  • Carefully prep your little’s feet by washing them down with baby wipe or wash cloth
  • Paint your littles foot with whatever color you would like to be the middle turkey feather
  • Gently press painted foot down on upper middle of paper or canvas and peel slowly back
  • wipe foot and pick another color and repeat step above moving slightly to the left or right of the middle
  • Repeat wipe,paint, stamp,peel until you are satisfied with turkeys overall plumage.
  • Let paint dry one hour
  • Carefully hot glue turkey body to canvas to display your feet feathers
  • Let your little apply fun googlie eyes to turkey
  • Carefully hot glue beak,legs and, gobbler to turkey

NOW YOUR CUTE CRAFT IS DONE!! Now me I display these in our home along with artwork I did when I was young, and artwork my brother and sister did as well but if that is not your style I would give the glue about an hour to set completely and wrap it up and give it as a super cute gift. Don’t forget to take one of the sharpies and write your little’s name, the date it was done and the year on the back and if you are giving it as a gift don’t forget to write who its to so they know it was special just for them. I hope you enjoy this craft project to just take a second to slow down and spend some good quality time with your babies even if it’s only a few minutes. We never know what life is going to throw our way. Lets make the best of what we have. Happy Crafting and goodbye.

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