YouTube Spotlight: Jessica Braun

Back in September I spotlighted one of my favorite YouTubers and wanted to continue this series with Jessica Braun, also known as JAMbeauty89.

I came across Jessica and her husband Tyler, also known as TylerTravelsTV, only a few years ago. Jessica was mostly a beauty channel but has slowly moved into a beauty and lifestyle channel in combination with vlog that are mostly posted on Tyler’s channel.

I started watching for the make-up but stayed for everything else. Once I saw their honeymoon vlogs in Paris I knew I would never unsubscribe from either of them.

Jessica is relatable, a little quirky, and it’s like having a best friend and her equally relatable and quirky husband by your side giving you advice and telling you how it is.

Some of my favorite videos to watch are Vlogmas! In 2017 when I started watching Jessica I didn’t really expect to be so invested in people I don’t even know. Jessica and Tyler’s 2017 Vlogmas changed that because it’s when they announced that they were expecting little Gigi.

I guess this post really turned out to be about both Jessica and Tyler. You should really check out both of them because they really are two of my favorites.

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