5 Alternative Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving is two and a half weeks away and I know that some of you out there haven’t even started thinking of recipes yet. Now because I am a crazy person, I have been ready since September and completely organized by mid October. Part of preparing is finding at least one new side dish.

Before my Grandmother passed away all of the holidays were at her house and we always had the basics. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, yams, and rolls. Now that my mother and I have taken over we keep the traditions alive but also add our own way of things.

One of these, at least for me, is to add a new side dish to try and I like to stay away from the basic Thanksgiving menu.

Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts by Wry Toast

Brussels sprouts are one of those veggies that aren’t in the popular crowd, at least not around here. Yet I have them on here twice!

The mix of roasted Brussels sprouts and bacon jam give a savory candied yummyness!

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms by The Love Nerds

These creamy garlic mushrooms are definitely not the usual suspect our Thanksgiving table.

I haven’t made this before but it looks so good!

Bacon Cream Cheese Potatoes by This Is Not Diet Food

A little twist on a classic Thanksgiving side dish!

I have actually made these on a regular old weekday to give us just a little extra flavor with dinner.

Adding these to your Thanksgiving dinner is sure to add just a little pazazz.

Roasted Fall Veggies by Basil and Bubbly

Say hello to the second dish with Brussels sprouts. I have made something very simalar to this with out the Brussels sprouts before and it was amazing.

This very simple dish is sure to be a winner even for those who push the Brussels sprouts to the side.

Ratatouille by A Clean Bake

So… Let me tell you the truth. I never even heard about this dish until the movie with it’s namesake. Even then I thought is was just something made up for that movie.

One day I was at a restaurant and they had it on the menu as a stew. After some research I found that the soup or stew version is the original version.

However, I really like this roasted version better. This is an amazing way to introduce your family to another cuisine without them even knowing!

I really hope that you love these alternative Thanksgiving side dishes! Take a chance and step outside of the basic Thanksgiving tradition with me this year and make something new.

5 Alternative Thanksgiving Sides

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