If I Could Go Right Now: Paris Edition

As many people do, I dream of traveling to many places around the world. In this series, If I Could Go Right, I will be highlighting different places that I only dream of going. Including what I want to see, eat, stay, and how I want to get there. One day I might be able to go to these places but right now they are just a dream.

The number one place I dream of going is Paris. Of course my vision of Paris is Parisian music floating through the air as you sit at the local corner cafe sipping coffee. Walking to the local market for wine, cheese, and a baguette for a picnic in the field next to the Eiffel Tower.

Getting There

Sean and I are the kind of people that love to travel but we don’t really like the actual traveling part. If that makes any sense… Anyway, this means that we fly non-stop when ever we can and a non-stop flight from Seattle to Paris is over 10 hours.

Now because this is a dream scenario Sean and I would fly Air France/Delta in the Business/Delta One section. Both of these options feature a first class experience with an individual lay down seat with a media center.

Staying There

When I see us traveling to Paris I don’t see us in a hotel. Even though here are some really nice ones I would rather immerse myself into a neighborhood. The place I want to stay was inspired… or directly taken from Jessica and Tyler Braun. Jessica and Tyler are Youtubers that I watch and in June of 2015 they posted their Honeymoon vlogs.

This apartment is across the river from Notre Dome. I loved this apartment after seeing it in Jessica and Tyler’s vlog because it’s away from most of the more popular tourist areas. You can ‘live’ in the city and only be a short metro ride or walk away from the sights.

Airbnb Apartment

To See

When it comes to seeing Paris I don’t want to limit myself to seeing only the parts the most tourist do. Traveling around France outside of the city of Paris is part of my traveling dream. BUT for just the city of Paris there are four very touristy things that I want to see.

Eiffel Tower

Arc de Tromphe

Louvre Museum


Where To Eat

I am a little bit of a foodie, at least in my head I am, and one of the reason I want to travel is to try the food in the country that it came from. In most of America when you go to a restaurant in the category of a foreign cuisine you most likely aren’t getting something that is 100% authentic. We tend to “Americanize” most of the things we touch here and that includes food. The items you find at a Chinese restaurant here in the US won’t be found in China. I believe that it might be the same when it comes to French cuisine and I’m a little afraid to try it here because I don’t want to expect the same thing in France.

I have found two little places that I definitely want to try in Paris.

Bo & Mie 18 Rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris, France

Cafe Constant 139 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris, France

I hope you enjoyed this ‘If I Could Go Right Now’ post.

If I could go right now: Paris Edition

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