Stress by Stress Holiday Edition.

Hi Folks!!! So the holiday season is officially upon us. Halloween just passed so now we start the sprint to Thanksgiving and then Christmas!

Only 55 days until Christmas… Did that mini countdown make you excited or did it punch you in the gut? If 55 days makes you worried don’t feel bad you’re in the same boat as me and well almost everyone else.

According to statistics the most stressful time for people 21 to 45 is the Holiday season. “It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year” for stress and breakdowns and that’s just early November through mid December.

What are the top stresses for this season you ask? Well lets go down the list and I’ll Check off what mine are, we will turn this into a game.

  • Cooking a ridiculous amount of food using recipes older than you.
  • Cleaning your house and making it so clean that even sterile rooms are jealous.
  • Family both close by and from far away… YES MOM I REMEMBERED THE NUTMEG IN THE CRANBERRIES!!!!
  • Figuring out what gifts to get for your family, your friends and your workplace white elephant exchange… Double points if you have kids older then 10 and have to get gifts for them.
  • Dealing with the lack of sleep because there are not enough hours in the day to cook, clean,shop, and wrap gifts and then get enough sleep.
  • Traveling! Because cooking,buying gifts and cleaning up your own house isn’t enough you must also travel to see family and friends…

Sooooo, whats my score you might ask? 6 for 6 yay! What do I win? Oh that’s right enough stress to land you in a old timely hospital getting electroshock therapy. If you checked off even one of these problems then fret not there are ways to decompress from the holiday stress.

(Please note that these are ways I have found to destress. You are not me and I am not you so you might have different ways.)

  • Turn on some peaceful meditation sounds or white noise. I use The Carol Of Bells instrumental but you might like guided meditation or waterfall sounds its really up to you. Studies show even 15 minutes of peace in the middle or end of a stressful situation vastly improves attitude,productivity,and overall finished product.
  • Sit down in a quiet place and read your favorite book for 30 minutes and actually read it. Right now my go to book for stress is Wuthering Heights because it removes me from my world completely but you choose whatever your comfortable with. Audio book? Awesome! Comic book? Great! Home decor magazine? You do you! whatever you want.
  • Take 5 minutes and go to a quiet place a breath. Often times during Holiday stress we forget to exhale so to speak. We forget that this is suppose to be a fun time of year and just get so wrapped up (pun intended) in our stress that taking even 5 minutes to just breath and remind ourselves that this too shall pass really helps.
  • When all else fails… WINE!!!!! I like a nice, sweet, crisp,sparkling mascato but its all up to you.

Just remember the Holidays are suppose to be about family and friends. They are suppose to be about celebrating our year, for remembering what has happened that is good, and for being together. Learn to breath and remember perfect is only a word in the dictionary and not an achievable goal. Relax, have fun, and Happy Holidays!

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