Date Night Tickets

As fall and winter start to set in Sean and I sometimes find it hard to come up with date night ideas that aren’t just going out to dinner and sometimes a movie. The weather here in Washington makes it hard to find fun things to do because being outside is out of the question most days.

To tackle this, a while back I made a super simple print out of things to do that didn’t include being outside. I cut them out and put them in a box and we pick one. Today I wanted to share something with just a little more… flair…

I designed these Date Night Tickets to look like a concert ticket. Is it a little cheesy? Yes, yes it is, but it is also fun. Blank tickets included for your own ideas.. 😉

In the world we live in today, with hectic lives and no time to just take a minute these tickets really just give us an excuse to actually take some time together.

Print these tickets out as a personal gift to your significant other for them to use or use them yourself.



Pinterest Image, Date Night Tickets

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