Under the stars.

As you may have seen I was away for a little while. Mainly because I just didn’t feel like blogging but also because… Well truthfully there wasn’t another reason. I am trying to make this blog work and in previous blog attempts I just would have hit delete after not posting for a while. This time I’m just going to continue.

So one thing I wanted to share from my time away were some photos I took while camping a week ago. We went to the dunes in Oregon, mostly so Sean could ride his quad with is brother but also just do have some time.

One thing I really love about being there is how far away we are from the light pollution. Seeing the stars so clearly at night is amazing and if you spend your days and nights in a city then I suggest you take a venture out to the middle of nowhere. Preferably at minimum 30 miles from the nearest city and look up. You don’t know the night sky until you have seen it with no light pollution from a near by city.

Here are a few of the pictures I took.

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