YouTube Spotlight: Rachel Maksy

Today I wanted to highlight one of my favorite YouTubers, Rachel Maksy!

This girl is simply amazing and I just can’t get enough of her content. She is creative, vintage, and pulls off red hair as well as Lucille Ball did. Rachel’s YouTube channel has been built on a mix of vintage style, cosplay, her friendly yet quirky personality, and of course her ever interrupting pup Frodo. Recently she has quite her day job to make her channel a full time gig and I thank her for it.

As you can see I love her content and thanks to her I have started to actually wear my vintage outfits in public! Sometimes… Besides her exceptional fashion sense, Rachel also has an eye for design which brings me to her series of ‘But Make It Vintage’.

Have you ever wondered what some of today’s culture references would look like if it was vintage? No? Just me… Well… actually it is more than just me who wants to see this because Rachel is doing it. There are only a few episodes in this series but they are all fantastically done and I really hope that there are more in the works. For now you can see vintage Poison Ivy, Daenerys Targaryen, and Princess Leia along side cosplay and vintage style.

Even if you’re not into vintage style you should still check out her channel here!

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