Happy Holidays

Is it to early to start thinking about Christmas? Maybe, but what about thinking about Christmas presents? My answer to that is no and I will tall you why.

Did you know that a lot of American families not only strain themselves financially during the holidays but even take out high interest loans just so they can afford it. Even though Sean and I don’t have children, we still have people on both sides of our families to provide presents for. We also usually host holiday dinners since my grandmother and his mother both have passed in recent years.

So why am I making a post about this in August? Well, preparedness. As of today, August 17th, I am completely finished with my Christmas shopping and saved for all the holiday dinners.

When should you start saving for the Holidays? Truthfully, I start the first paycheck after Christmas. That may seem a bit over board for some but for me it makes the most sense. Not everyone wants to think about it that soon so if you are just now starting, or haven’t even though about it here are some great savings plans for starting now!

12 Week Christmas Savings Plan from Live and a Budget

Christmas Savings Plan from Dough Roller

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