Courtney’s House Update #5

Last month had a bit of a rant for most of the update and I want to try not to do that… but I can’t guarantee that.

So on to the updates.

Last month I talked about the truck and how the front brakes went out on us while we were on a little road trip, yes social distancing. When we got home about a week later the truck started to shake when Sean accelerated. Turns out we now had to change the spark plugs and one of the coil packs, another $200 into the truck…

I know that the truck is a 2014 but it seems to be having a lot of problems for being 6 years old. We have had to change the same coil pack on the engine before (about 6 months ago) and it has been said on forums that many of the 2014 Fords have a problem with coil pack #5. So we are hoping that we can pay off the truck a little faster (we got it used) and get something new/newer with less miles.

Weight Loss Update

I’m going to start my weight loss updates her in the monthly updates. Sean and I have both been eating healthier and tracking out calories with MyFitnessPal (seen in THIS post). I have also increased my exercise to at least 5 times a week including a weekly hike with my mom. I am sticking to something Jessica Braun said in a video when it come to exercise, “Don’t go more than one day with out exercising.” This way you get a break but you have something to stick by and keep you going. So if I work out Saturday and take a break Sunday, then I have to work out Monday.

So I’m going to share my weigh in from the beginning of the month and the end of the month. We weigh in on Sunday mornings so these weights are from the first and last Sunday of the month.

For the month of July I had a 3 pound total loss. This would have been more but I had a small gain of 1.6 pounds in the middle of the month. It was simple because of over eating on my birthday and eating take out the Saturday before weight in on my birthday week.

Personal Update

This month has actually been a good one. I said a while ago that I would tell my story about my weight loss journey and other personal stuff. I haven’t felt like telling my stories yet but they will be coming soon.

That’s all for the updates this time. See you in August.

Monthly Obsessions – July 2020

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It’s that time again where I share my monthly obsessions!

First I am starting with three items all from the same brand, Sol De Janeiro. I first encountered this brand in one of my FabFitFun boxes a few years ago. I have to say that I didn’t really like the original products from Sol De Janeiro but when they came out with the Coco Cabana line I loved it. Here are my first three monthly obsessions.

Coco Cabana Cream $10 – $45

This cream is amazing! I love the small, which doesn’t fade. It comes in three sizes; purse size 25ml $10, travel size 75ml $20, and full size 240ml $45.

The website describes the scent of this cream as; “deliciously complex coconut scent with Brazilian-inspired notes of coconut cream from young green coconuts, tropical orchid and toasted praline.”

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Cookbook Challenge: Breakfast Parcels

Welcome to the Cookbook Challenge!

What is the cookbook challenge?

This challenge is to complete an entire cookbook and my first book is The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier – 112 Fantastic Favorites For Everyday Eating. For the rules and more information see the original post here.

To see every post in the cookbook challenge so far you can check it out here, or in the eat category under cookbook challenge one.

Breakfast Parcels

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A Week of Dinners

Sometimes it is really hard to come up with dinner ideas for the week, even though there are a shit ton of recipes out there. Sean and I tend to get stuck in a rut of the same few easy recipes that we ultimately get tired of, and I don’t know why with how many recipes are out there.

While watching a Jessica Braun video a few weeks ago and she talked about how she and her husband changed the way they set up their weekly menu. Like me, Jessica and her husband would try to make a month long dinner menu, buy almost everything, and then have food go bad because they skipped a meal here and there. Her solution, and now mine, is to only plan four or five meals a week giving you two or three days for left overs or nights out.

So I wanted to share a week of dinners. Last week we did five dinners with one leftovers night and my birthday dinner.

Here are the recipes!

Cheeseburger Pizza with No Yeast Dough

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Spicy Garlic Noodles

Hello Friends! I hope you all are doing good! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite new recipes. Spicy Garlic Noodles with Chicken. I originally found this recipe on Pinterest as an easy side dish and added a little of my own flair to it. It’s super customizable to you or your families liking. I’ve included photos of the finished product as well as the making so you can kind of see what mine looks like. Happy eating and I hope you enjoy!

Spicy Garlic Noodles

Blogs I Read

Today I wanted to share some blogs that I like to read regularly. As a blogger, like any other social media work, it is hard to get started. Also, as a blogger you are usually also a blog reader and should continue to support those that your regularly read.

So I wanted to just share a list of the blog I read almost everyday.

A Beautiful Mess

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Kitchen Wish List

Let me start by saying that as you might have been able to tell, I have a lot of wish lists, and today it is my kitchen wish list.

I have two kitchen wish lists, one for remodeling the kitchen and one for kitchen/dinning accessories. Today I am sharing my kitchen and dinning accessories wish list.

SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle $39.99

I love tea but right now I am heating my water in a cup in the microwave or in a sauce pan. I really like the look of this tea kettle, it’s very basic but has a vintage feel to it.

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Cookbook Challenge: Taco-Stuffed Mini Peppers

Welcome to the first recipe of the Cookbook Challenge!

What is the cookbook challenge?

This challenge is to complete an entire cookbook and my first book is The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier – 112 Fantastic Favorites For Everyday Eating. For the rules and more information see the original post here.

To see every post in the cookbook challenge so far you can check it out here, or in the eat category under cookbook challenge one.

Taco-Stuffed Mini Peppers

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Cookbook Challenge

Welcome to my first post for my cookbook challenge!

I have seen this challenge over the years on some of the blogs I read and I desided that I wanted to start this challenge myself. Most of these challenges are just personal challenges that aren’t really posted about on blogs until they are done and share their final thoughts. I wanted to do this a little differently…

I want to post every single recipe I am able to complete and my thoughts on it. Did I change anything? Was it harder than the instruction lead me to believe? Along with posting the recipe with my personal take on it. To see all these post together you can click here.

What is this post?

This is my introduction to my version of the cookbook challenge. Here are my rules.

  1. Cook every single recipe in a cookbook, in any order.
  2. Cook at least one recipe a week. Can do as many as you want but have to do at least one.
  3. Share the original recipe (printable) along with any edits you made.

That’s it… Just 3 rules.

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YouTube Spotlight: RawBeautyKristi

It has been over 8 months since I did a YouTube Spotlight and I thought it was time to do another one. So today I wanted to feature RawBeautyKristi!

I have been watching Kristi for about 4 years, when she did a lot of Halloween make up tutorials. Over the years she has developed her channel into more of the standard makeup review and get ready with me kind of channel. Kristi has also included some of the trials that she has gone through in her life and makes you feel like you are best friends even though you’ve never met.

My number one favorite video by Kristi is a Halloween transformation where she turned herself into Guy Fieri. Kristi is hilarious in all the things she dose and this video is number one for me.

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